We increase the urban quality of life!

Better services and no local emissions.

Our Business Areas:


Our company is focused on the R&D of green technologies. We want to reduce the local emissions to increase the quality of life in urban areas.

We bring new technologies to the market!


We develop and produce the best Light Electric Vehicle for fast urban logistics, with several amazing features.

Electric Mobility is possible today with unlimited range.


We provide fast and just in time delivery services in urban areas.

Together with Partners with more than 20 years of experience in fast urban logistics.

How we think urban logistic systems should work

Efficient Parcel Delivery in Small Time Slots

Same Hour Groceries Delivery made possible

We were a Partner and innovative Know-How provider in the public funded €5M EMILIA Research project (www.emilia-project.at)

Core Technology for speed advantage

We love to testride our vehicles. They are so much fun.

We focus on a combination of speed and volume to increase the Drops/Hour in urban SameHour Delivery.

To achieve this, we developed a Full Suspension and Tilting Technology

for high speed, safety and fun.

Next Steps

Customized Options for your individual Needs.



Cargo Box by OVH Design (www.ovhdesign.works)

Test of vehicle and new drive train for parcel delivery service in the bike friendly "Aspern Seestadt" in Vienna